Monday, May 8, 2017


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So you just went full time and want to explore the Work Camping life. There are tons of resources available like Workers on Wheels, Facebook's workampers and of course Work Camp Connections. 

It's not difficult to break in to. It can be a trail and error finding good parks. The Corps of Engineers has a volunteer section on their website, as does State Parks.

Some work camping position pay for hours worked, some are strictly volunteer and provide you will a site. Some people complain about "working for free". Not us, we are seeing the country, staying in some of the most beautiful parks there is and doing a few hours of labor. This might include cleaning sites when campers checkout, cleaning the bathrooms or working in the store. 

We love work camping because it's not hard work, and keeps you busy. Always look for the bright side. Campers are vacationing, you will meet life long friends and you will work with some awesome people. Enjoy the experience. Occasionally you will end up working with "Joe I hate The World", ignore them. Do your job keep a smile on your face. It will make the exerience worthwhile.

To find a job you can sit down and call campgrounds in you area, look for postings on the above mentioned sources or us our service. We complete a profile of what abilities you have and where you would like to work. Then we send your information to the campground that matches your wants. 

We do not charge the campgrounds for our service, so they like using our recommendations. For you, it's only 14.95 a year to be on file. Join to day on our secure Paypal site. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Work Camp Connection is busily working with campgrounds, ranches and harvest farms all over the U.S. and Canada, because we have you, our clients fill out a Host Profile and we run a background check and check your references. The campgrounds are looking to us to help them staff their parks for this season and all upcoming seasons.

They trust Work Camp Connection to find and verify trusted paid and volunteer positions.

Join today and we will send you a host profile to fill out, as soon as we verify your profile, we will start mailing the profile out to prospective campgrounds in the area you want to work.

Only $14.95 a year keeps you in the system. Our Paypal payment system is secure and your information is safe.


Volunteer 3 days on 3 days off from 8 to 1pm. Then spend your time fishing, swimming or just hanging at the white sand beaches. Sites are water and electric only but two dump stations at the park. The hosts have two community "honey wagons" to dump your black and gray water.

Hosts who put in a summer stint have a shot of staying through the winter months. Join Work Camp Connection today and get the scoop on this very popular campground.


Looking for that perfect work camping job? Are you an asset to a campground or ranch. Work Camping Connections will pair you with the perfect work camping opportunity.

Join Work Camping Connections for only 14.95 a year. We will keep your Camp Host Profile on file and when a campground or other opportunity comes up, we will forward your profile. We'll find that perfect match.

There is no limit, we want you to find that perfect match. Work Camping should be fun, not just a job.


If the Terms of Service button or the Paypal button doesn't show up on your screen, it's because of the Mobile Version, just click o...